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Color your brand with a fresh palette of sounds! Come up with an idea and we’ll give it the right color!

We all deserve the best! That’s why Rainbow Studio was created. So that we can offer you a rainbow of the best possibilities. Rainbow Studio is not just a recording studio. It is a team of talented and dedicated people who understand your wishes and bring them to reality!

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Bob Marley

once said

“Bob Marley once said, “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” I would paraphrase that to say, “Some people just hear noise, but for me  the world is a catalog of sound.” – Timbaland – from the book The Emperor of Sound

We also paraphrase Timbaland by saying that we never shy away from the rain of sounds. Any musical project that enters our door is a new challenge.  The people who make this project possible have years of musical experience behind it and have worked with various artists over time. In the „What We Actually Do” section you can listen to some of the music projects made for animation companies around the world. Rainbow Studio means that and much more than that. We are working in parallel on several electronic, pop and reggae projects, witch will also appear soon on the site and on our future youtube channel. Until then, we invite you to work together in our studio at the highest professional level.